Yes, I cannot wait to have next visit.

Before I visit Dr.Hamburg, I tried several other doctors, they did not help me much. DR. Hamburg reduced my pain and uncomfort rightway.

Massage by Jennifer Chiropractic

I love Jennifer's massages. She starts out slow and lets my muscles warm up before she starts the deep tissue massage. I have fybromyalgia and she does a great job at getting my muscle and tissues to release all the stored up toxins. I highly recommend her massage for anyone who has fybro, I can not tell you how great it is to get relief from her touch. Dr. Steve is very in tune to my condition and is willing to work with me on evaluating my current needs. I always feel so much better when I leave the office. He takes the time to listen, but doesn't force me into any treatments I am not comfortable with. I have been going to see both Jennifer and Dr. Steve for over 10 years. I would recommend them to any and everyone.


Always willing to make time for me if I need to get in short notice. Very knowledgable and friendly staff. Has helped me recover from many injuries.


  • "Dr. Jones is wonderful and so is his staff. I would recommend him to anyone."
  • "Dr. Smith is the best! She took the time to learn about me as a person not just a patient."

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